About James:

  • James is an aboriginal man born in Darwin NT, Australia
  • He is one of the stolen generations (assimilation policy)
  • Mothers country: Mutpburra and Tjingili (NT)
  • Fathers country: Limingun (Kakaju (National Park NT))

James has been walking his spiritual path into greater love and light  since 1985.

James spiritual approach incorporates techniques and practices from his Indigenous heritage, Shamanism, Ascended Masters, Theta Healing, Higher Self and the Angelic kingdom. James works closely with Mother Earth, his spirit guides and Universal Divine energies.


  • Counselor – Bachelor of Social Work Degree – Accredited through the University of New South Wales. Experience in bereavement, general counseling and spiritual counseling.
  • Didgeridoo Healing with James and his guides.
  • Didgeridoo Teacher – learn how to play the Didgeridoo.James has been playing since 1986.
  • Healer for the Ascended Masters. James is a vessel for the ascended Masters who channel their healing energies to the client.  Accredited through “With Wings of Light Healing Centre”, Picton, NSW,  Australia.
  • Theta Healer – accredited through “Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge”. Healing is provided from the “Creator Of All That Is”.
  • Healing energies channeled from James ancestors and Totems.