MedStoneMedicine Stone The medicine stone emanates love, light and healing energies from the medicine circle and the painting.The Medicine Stone is an energy vortex that has been created and blessed by James and his spirit guides.Uses for the Medicine Stone:

  • Dispels negativity
  • Constantly fills your home with love, light and healing energy
  • Transmutes energies and clears blockages in your aura
  • Assists with healing both spiritually and physically
  • Can be placed under your chair to allow the energy to flow through all of your chakras
  • Place on your chakras and any areas that need healing
  • Great for meditating when placed under your chair

Medicine StoneWhen using the Medicine Stone acknowledge any issues or emotions that may arise. This is your opportunity to address these emotions and issues that have surfaced and allow them to be released.

  • James currently provides the following services:
  • Spiritual Development courses – basics on how to walk your path into greater love and light safely.
  • Psychic protection.
  • Counseling.
  • Didgeridoo workshops – learn how to play.
  • Healing – addresses all forms of psychic affliction.
  • Spiritual house Cleansing – removal of entities and energies from your home, replaced with love and light.
  • Aura and chakra cleansing and balancing.
  • Indigenous artist – Medicine stones and Medicine paintings. All of James art emanate healing energies of love and light.
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