Didgeridoo CD: “James Baban Spiritual Didge”.

The CD has 13 tracks of James playing freestyle Didgeridoo.

When James plays he is channeling his spirit guides and Totems who fill the sound with love, light and healing energies.

Price: $25.00 includes postage.

the CD will be available soon.

This is an example of James playing didgeridoo on YouTube:


Didgeridoo CD: James Baban Didgeridoo Meditation 

the CD will be available soon.


James art also has love, light and healing energies emanating from the paintings. Every painting is blessed by the Creator, his spirit guides, ancestor guides and totems.

James can be commissioned to specifically do a painting for you. James will discuss with you the topic, theme, colors and the the blessings and energies you would like placed into the painting, such as energies from your ancestors,  guides, Angelic Kingdom and the Creator.

Original paintings and limited edition replicas will be available soon.

Medicine Stones:

will be available soon.


Will be available soon.

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